Quality of Materials

A combination of high-quality materials, textures and styles are the foundation of the world created by us.
The high quality of the materials used to create For Cuties products is determinative.


We work only with certified high-quality fabrics:

Quality assurance at all stages of the production chain

High and constant level of quality of fabrics

Use only cotton and blended yarns of the highest quality

Quality control of accredited laboratories

Inspection for 100% quality tissue. This is coupled with strict procedures for quality control in production facilities in the Netherlands

Daily contact and often continuous presence of inspectors checking

Oeko-Tex сертификат for the full product range

Ensuring the long-term saturation

The extensive database including test reports, technical specifications, etc.

Oeko-Tex Standard 100

The materials are tested for harmful substances and certified by Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certificate:

Confidence in Textiles



A damaged zipper can make the whole garment is not worn more. Therefore, the quality of this is mandatory for us.
The zipper does the garment, but it can spoil.

An important element of our lives, though often hidden, its aim is one - to glue things.
It may sound strange, but this is the purpose of each zipper - whether it's clothing, accessories or another object, this little device maintains order in the chaos, provides the necessary security and control.

If you paid any due consideration ever, you've probably noticed the letters YKK. This is the name of the biggest manufacturer of zippers in the world.
Japanese brand zippers YKK®, undoubtedly the best in the world.
Spiral is resistant to strong lateral strength and prolonged use in different conditions.

YKK Zipper