Children Like Flowers


"All Flowers dry! Why"?
"Actually, you know what they are?" said the student. "The flowers have been to a ball tonight, so tired."
"But the flowers cannot dance!" said little Ida.
"They can, when the night comes and we are sleeping, they pop joy of all sides. Organize their ball almost every night."
"A child may not want to attend?" asked little Ida.
"Can, the flower`s children. The little daisies and violets."
From "Little Ida's Flowers"

Children! Are not they like flowers?

Delicate and vulnerable, smiling and curious about the world around them.
Need only warmth, affection and protection?
And in return give us with so happy. Here is our interpretation of prom flowers.
The clothes are in bright colors and patterns, and fabrics are soft and pleasant to the touch, enabling them to feel comfortable throughout the day. Our clothes with flowers names are made with love. Resembling small flowers or buds in the spring ... and it is so colorful and beautiful!
Flowers inspired us, are not they as children?
Small carefree creatures that always must be watered with love and attention.
No need to be a child to go to the fabulous world where flowers make a ball and dance overnight. You only need a little imagination and faith in miracles.
And now?
What do you think about daisies, tinker bells, and sunflowers in our garden...?


Are not they the clearest and sincere creatures?
With their unlimited love, curiosity about the world and ingenuity, they are the ones who make us feel most happy.
Are not we trying so hard exactly because of them? For their smile, for their love?
We envy them for the way they see the world - fairy and beautiful.
Why not a house with a purple roof?
It is exactly their unlimited imagination that inspires our team.
What can be more real and nice of children creating for children?

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