ForCuties Shop Customer Loyalty Program Reward Points

ForCuties Reward Points

Earn Reward Points every time you shop, and cash them in against future purchases.
You earn 1 point for every EUR 10 spent at ForCuties Shop. The next time you shop with us you can cash the points in at checkout and reduce your shopping bill.

10 EUR = 1 Reward Point


Do I need to register

You first need to register as Customer with ForCuties Shop before you can start collecting Reward Points. You do not need to register for the Reward Point scheme separately. Points will automatically be credited to your account when you order.

Registering is free and only takes a minute. You must be logged into when you order to earn Reward Points.

If you register as Customer on checkout Page during the Checkout Process, you will start collecting your Reward Points from your second Order.


How can I cash in my Reward Points?

You can choose to cash your Reward Points in at checkout. The cash value is automatically deducted from your Sub-total.

You can choose how many Points from you collected Points to use for your Order (all or a part of them).


Reward Points Balance Life

You can keep saving and build up your Reward Points throughout the year. Your Reward Points will be valid for 6(sixt) months. If your Reward Points have not been redeemed after 6(sixt) months, they will automatically be removed from your account. You must be logged in to your ForCuties Shop account in order to redeem Reward Points at checkout.

To be sure that you will not loose your Award Points, in you Account under "My Points and Rewards" you can subscribe under EMAIL NOTIFICATION for "Subscribe to balance update" and "Subscribe to points expiration notification".


Does the scheme work if I use different currencies?

If you are making your purchase in Euros or US Dollars, the website adjusts automatically and credits you with the correct number of points regarding the Price in EUR currency. 

To check your current balance, log in and click on "My Account", at the top right of the screen. Then select "My Points and Rewards" from the left hand menu.


Can I redeem against delivery costs?

Reward Points are earned for every Euro spent on shopping only, shipping charges are excluded. On any given purchase the maximum cash value of reward points you can redeem is the total value of your order minus the delivery charge, and rounded to the nearest point.