About us

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This is the appeal of our brand. 
The desire to offer not only practical clothes and to instill a sense of style, elegance and individual expression of our children.
We offer a very unique and individual look for the kid's wardrobe. 
Running away from mass commercial looks.


intends to be highly comfortable to always favor the well-being of the children.
Relying on the attentive choice of the materials, this selection reveals a universe of gentleness.
In addition, the practical aspect has been greatly considered to facilitate kid’s life day after day.

Funny, with many designers shapes and cuttings. We are dedicated to the modern European look and trends.
Our children's clothes are made from high-quality materials, safe for children in accordance with European standards. They are sewn carefully and every effort is taken to detail.
We put our hearts and souls in these clothes hoping everyone will feel and rediscover the magic world of children.

A combination of high-quality materials, textures and styles are the foundation of the world created by us.
Enjoy our collections!


I'm not sure exactly how ... maybe it has accumulated over time,
and I suppose the birth of my third daughter provoked the idea of creating For Cuties.
Working for a few years as a fashion designer of ladies' clothing,
I decided I needed to reboot with something new to challenge and inspire.
The feeling that people notice and ask about our clothes makes me extremely happy.
And foreign awards are just a supplement.
And so ... with the help and support of my family For Cuties is already a fact.
My youngest daughter made the logo and became my model and designer of the princesses, her older sisters helped in the creation of the models, and my husband with the technical part.
I hope you will fall in love with our clothes too!