Welcome to For Cuties Fashion Brand

About Us

"For Cuties" is a Kids Fashion Label created by:

Apparel Services Ltd.
Registration number: 200649396
VAT number: BG200649396
CEO: Silvia Stoyanova

Since 2009 our main activity is design and complete development of styles for apparel industry.
Our children's clothing is made of high quality, materials which are safe for children in accordance to the European standards.
We put our hearts and souls in these clothes hoping everyone will feel and rediscover the magic world of children.

Apparelservices a pattern service studio, dedicated to offering personalized service. You, the client, are the first priority.
Whether you are new to the industry or knowledgeable in the field, the company adapt to your needs and style of working.
Apparelservices pride ourselves in producing patterns precise in measurement, fit, and balance.

The company currently work with leading manufacturers and department stores, which have possibility to sew small production runs as well as many ware. With 12 years of experience, the company team can advise on design detail, fit, production, cost cutting, and solutions to your needs.

Apparelservices combine practical experience with time-tested knowledge to develop, implement and teach innovative, clear technical communication techniques that drive all aspects of effective technical design programs. The team know how to make garments fit and know how to communicate necessary information so manufacturers can produce garments effectively.

Main activity of Apparelservices is offering a full range of CAD/CAM services. The company try to approach every client individually taking into consideration the machine park and human resources, as well as the established ways of working in the company. Apparelservices make patterns, samples and production. Company also do consulting and sourcing at no cost to clients.