Don't mis our new Collection.
We are showing our Fall-Winter'16 Collection 
"An Awesome Autumn Day" on 31 January and 01 February 2016 at the Kids Trade Show "Bubble London".
See us at Stand C16

The bustling wind, the crackling leaves
See them blowing from the trees?
Smell the crisp, refreshing air?
Wind is blowing everywhere!
Colors surround us, so vivid and bright
What colors do you see, in this beautiful sight? .....

The leaves just keep

Let’s rake them up, and make a big pile!
We should hurry up, it could take a while
Come on let’s jump, and reach for the sky
Do you think that you can jump that high?
Yippee… this is fun, we giggle and laugh
Falling back into the leaf pile, gently cushioned by the grass
As I look up, into the deep blue sky
I notice the white clouds, as they drift on by
I enjoy this special time ....